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Web hosting that
works for you

We've worked with countless web hosting companies,
and kept hearing the same repeated complaints.
So we built the most useful web hosting ever.
Of course, there's a backstory

Every website needs
a host to call home.

We know firsthand how critical it is to have a great web hosting provider: we've been building websites for over 10 years, which means we've worked with a LOT of different web hosting companies.

The same problems kept popping up again and again. Slow speeds, unreliable uptime, hacked servers, and poor customer support are just a few of the things that made things difficult for us and our clients.

That's why we decided to build our own web hosting infrastructure. We wanted to create a hosting solution that was fast, reliable, easy to use, and actually great. We also didn't just install cPanel and call it a day: our platform is built from the ground up in order to make it absolutely perfect.

We knew we had a hit when other web agencies started asking us to host their client's sites too!

What makes our hosting different from all other hosting?

By Developers, For Developers

We originally built our hosting platform for our own in-house web development team. That means it's loaded with great developer-centric features, like:

  • Multiple Environments

    Each website gets a high-powered Production environment AND optional Development and Staging environments. Easily test new code, try a new PHP version, preview changes before they go live, and magically sync files and data between environments.

  • Continuous Deployment

    Connect your GitHub or GitLab repository to your site, link a branch to an environment, and watch as your website is magically automatically deployed on each commit!

  • Release Management

    Got a "just right" version? Tag it as a release, give it a name, easily deploy it to any of your environments.

  • Shell Access Management

    You can't do absolutely everything (yet!) from the dashboard, but you can manage SSH keys. Use these to give your developers server access on a per-environment basis, log in to manually care for your site, and more.

Security & Stability

A web host that can't keep your website safe is not a web host you want to work with. We loaded up our platform with features designed for security:

  • Daily Backups

    Backups of your entire website - files and database - are created daily and archived with an external storage vendor. You can of course manually create backups too, and download them at any time.

  • Web Application Firewall

    Similar to vendors such as Cloudflare - except without the added cost - we run all website traffic through a WAF to ensure malicious visitors are detected and kept away from your site.

  • SSL, The Easy Way

    We integrate with Let's Encrypt to make sure every website has a valid SSL certificate - and we take care of verification, issuance, implemenetation, and renewal. Or, you can easily upload your own SSL certificate and we'll handle the rest!

  • Real Human Intervention*

    An absolute rarity: if automated systems can't fix a security problem on your website, we won't just send you an email and forget about it. We can also jump in to fix it by hand.

Performance, front and center

If your website isn't loading quickly, you could lose visitors, search engine ranking, and risk your reputation. We can't let that happen.

  • Keep WordPress Fast

    We integrate with your WordPress site so that all the various layers of caching are optimized for exactly your use case, and intelligently cleared when a post is published or modified.

  • Custom Varnish Configuration*

    For the ultimate in cache control, you can create, test, and deploy entirely custom VCL files - all around the world, all with zero downtime!

  • We bring the CDN*

    You could use any 3rd-party CDN, but why would you? With edge locations across the United States and Europe (and more in the works!), you can have your visitors loading your site from anywhere they are.

  • Competition-Free Resources

    Got an unexpected flood of visitors? Our system automatically allocates and isolates resources to make sure that every site has what it needs - and to make sure someone else's suddenly-popular site doesn't affect yours.

Focused on WordPress

Since we build and host so many WordPress websites, we created the ultimate in Managed WordPress hosting.

  • Automatic Updates

    Keeping WordPress up-to-date is so important that it's one of the first features we added. Plugins, themes, and WordPress can be automatically updated - and reverted instantly if anything breaks.

  • Sending Emails, Auditing Admin Activity, Handling Cache...

    Installing and configuring the same plugins on every new website to handle the same basic functionality got very repetitive. We now have those functions built into the hosting platform itself!

  • Keep an

    You could use any 3rd-party CDN, but why would you? With edge locations across the United States and Europe (and more in the works!), you can have your visitors loading your site from anywhere they are.

  • Advanced Designed-For-WordPress Security

    Given its massive popularity, it's no wonder that WordPress is a favorite target of hackers! We constantly scan your site files, armed with threat data from our own network and from sources such as the famed Wordfence Intelligence Vulnerabilty Database.

We use it too!

We're strong proponents of "dogfooding" - that is, of using our own products.
And we can't use it if it's not great. That's why you also get:

  • Access for the Whole Team

    Add your developers and designers. Edit who can access which website, environment, and what their level of access is - all with a few clicks in our innovative dashboard.

  • Outstanding Customer Support

    Every Wire & Byte employee - even the CEO - has to work on answering and resolving support tickets. We believe it's the only way to deliver the absolute best customer support.

  • Built-In Analytics

    There is no shortage of great tools such as Google Analytics, but what if you just need to easily keep an eye on the important stuff? With us, you can! Primarily statistics and graphs are available right in the dashboard, with no code snippets or software installation needed.

* Requires purchase of a paid add-on or a Website Management plan.

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